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6A IDC Industrial Development Area Sector 16 Gurugram, IN
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Techno Grid

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  • If you are an introverted spirit, then video games are a perfect getaway. After a day full of stress, you and your friend, who makes the world a better place, play those action games with techno music in the background till late at night. Being on your toes to kill opponents, syncing your gunshots with the music beats, and dropping random f-bombs just calms the echo in you. The echo that makes the heart heavy. Echo that craves for more techno and random f-bombs!
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  • If the techno music and the game nights are your things, then this cool creative printed graphic t-shirt is a must-have! Wear this comfy t-shirt and sweat pants, gather your friends, turn on the music, and kill those bastards.
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