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Skaters For Life

Skaters For Life

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  • A skateboard can never give any sort of happiness. Todd understood that when he first got his skateboard. Happiness comes from the culture that revolves around the sport, from the bonds and the friendships that you develop at the rink. And before you know it, you have got a bunch of homies that you skate with! Todd found his homies! That��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��______��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_______��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��______��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��________s when he sensed the belongingness that he first thought of!
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  • If skateboarding is your fun time and your buddies are your adventure partners, you cannot miss out on this casual graphic printed t-shirt! Your skating mates will love the creative abstract art on it. You will stand out, for sure!
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4 Reviews

This is nice product if you are looking for Daily wearing t-shirt the quality is good also it is much cheaper campare to another product i saw on thrdcurry
Aug 27, 2022 7:32:36 PM
my son happy with it.........soft cloth
Jun 17, 2022 9:08:46 AM
I have bought this product twice now and it is perfect. It has a good Fit. True value for money.
Mar 16, 2022 9:19:43 PM
Happy with this t shirt... awesome fitting
Nov 5, 2021 9:39:10 PM