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Jungle Friends

Jungle Friends

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  • When the full moon appears in the jungle that is when the big cats come out to play. The 3 buddies looking out for each other through thick and thin, brushing past darkness and jumping out of the clutches of death, they swing into the jolly dance of life. Babaloo the huge fella loves to swing his hips with joy every time he catches his prey. He loves to share his food with Bobby as he is the fastest of the group and hunts for the herd. Molly the youngest and cutest of them all is all about fun, he is the one who pops the colors in their jungle life.
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  • This cute tshirt is a perfect addition to any Jungle friend's lover . Inspired by a nostalgic movie the abstract yet creative graphic of this t-shirt adds some comic fun to your life. The funny and adorable print of this tee is complementary to a casual look. The tee is made from 100% ringspun cotton and adds a charm to any outfit.
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