Jungle Bliss

Jungle Bliss

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  • Waiting in the centre of the jungle, Maharaja stood tall beside his herd. He was the saviour of the herd, protecting them from any predator that might gather enough courage to mess with the mammoths. While his family rested in the shade of the base of the hill, Maharaja took to high grounds to look for food and use the heights to see the enemy coming from far. The creative mind of elephants has seen them survive the harshest and toughest of situations and Maharaja knew he had found a place where they could rest peacefully.
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Description of product

1. Artist: Mix Collection

2. Innovative Design: This Laptop Case is made of soft puffy Neoprene fabric, which protects your device from scratches and also has 3D foam cushion around which ensures all over protection to your laptop.

3. Slim Profile: Slim design allows you to carry the case by itself or in a bag

4. Handle: Laptop Sleeve comes with a Handle to carry, which is hidden inside when not used.

5. Easily fits into your laptop back pack

6. Laptop Sleeve Case Cover is made of High Quality Neoprene, which is Water-resistance, Impact-resistance, soft & fluffy fabric.

7. Compatible with: All Laptop Brands in Windows & Mac OS

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3 Reviews

Quality is be morre better then now.
Jun 5, 2021 2:46:48 PM
Fantabulous product, simply awesome.I searched for many protective cases for my wife's new mac book pro.
May 25, 2021 11:05:43 PM
Just got thise laptop case in preperation for some international travel. So far its great, fits my laptop perfectly
Asha Latha
May 16, 2021 11:25:37 PM