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ThreadCurry Glossary

3DThree dimensional prints on T shirts from ThreadCurry can feature realistic and virtual images. You can have categories such as holograms, animals, sceneries, geometrical figures, spooky designs or even zany art designs.

AbstractAbstract designs do not represent any physical form or entity they are just a random of shapes and lines formed as design. Abstract images are recognized through complex shapes.

AnimalsAnimals make neat T-shirt designs especially lions, tigers, grizzlies, sharks and pandas.

BirdsBirds make peaceful humble designs. Select from owls, eagles ravens or have a multi-coloured Kingfisher on your tshirt.

Black &WhiteBlack& white photos can be very aesthetic in nature. More so your Tshirt designs. Vintage designs in black and white, contemporary art designs or movie posters in black and white would make great Tshirts.

CharactersTshirts are described according to characters large or small. Characters can be human, animals, or birds or even abstract items. Characters can also refer to cartoons.

ChildrenChildren at play, baby’s faces groups of kids. Tshirts with childlike themes like cute fluffy animals, funny figures, and funny bunnies all are cool themes for your kid’s tshirt.

CollageA mix of art and design trying to represent a certain theme

ComicFeature your favorite comic characters such as Hipster Fox, Calvin Hobbes etc

ConceptualA concept is an idea from where a design has originated. It could refer to a visual or a character or a theme. Concepts are important as they make a statement on your tshirt.

CreativityCreativity can mean anything. The different categories are a fine example of ThreadCurry brand of creative artists unleashing designs that reflect their signature art. Skulls, rainbow designs, fantasy art, weird cartoon designs, or computer graphic generated inter dimensional designs.

DigitalDigital designs and prints feature sharper clarity, patterns, themes and looks

FantasyImages reflecting the magical realm of the Occult.  Witches or demons, fantasy art featuring unicorns, satyrs, dragons and warrior maidens 

Food &DrinkGet a retro image of a café in Paris, wine glasses, oriental themes with chopsticks and mandarins, for the more brazen, wine bottles or a cool Beer motif. Coffee themes with their warm chocolate colors will also look good

FunnyFunny dudes, funny faces, clowns, cartoons, funny catchy messages. Anything that qualifies for weird and comical, ThreadCurry has an impressive collection of comedy art for tees

FuturisticPictures of the StarTrek ship SS Enterprise or  Go for a MadMax look or a spacecraft and futuristic landscapes.

GameNintendo to Super Mario or Assassins Creed feature all you favorite gaming character or Posters of the latest in sport games.

GraphicalGraphic designs are our specialty so when it comes to Graphic art we are the best.

HistoricalThemes that feature old architecture, pictures of ancient Egyptian temples or important world monuments.

HorrorWho wouldn’t like a pic of Freddy or the bogey from scream on a tee? Get gothic haunted cemetery pic that looks even cooler

LiteraryOld world book designs, calligraphic quotations, feather quills and symbols of a literary nature

LoveGift a Tshirt with a romantic theme or a romantic message for someone you love. Alternately you could wear the same with a message displaying your love for that someone special.

Movies &TVIf you are a movie buff then go for a Transformers design or the best of StarWars. Our catalogs will feature a several movie designs just for the movie lovers.

MusicA T-shirt with musical notes and instruments can actually be very classy and trendy. You can also choose musical sound waves and musical lyrics or anything related to music.

NatureDisplay your love for the environment. Feature a design of the sea, a storm, sunsets, and a beautiful sunrise with birds flying past or a rocky mountain; we have many beautiful nature scenes for you.

PatternHexagonal, or multidimensional color patterns, rainbows, graphic pattern of inter twined lines, ThreadCurry has a number of contrasting color patterns for bright tshirts

PeopleHumans, big or small, children mommies, daddies, even skeletons, get them all featured on your people design

PoliticalMake a political statement or feature a political figure of your choice on your tshirt. Flaunt the colors of your statement

Pop Art  From the 60’s to the present day, pop culture makes for great designs such as psychedelic hippy pop of the 70s or feature your pop art of today on your tshirt

QuotesGet your favorite quote printed be it a from a poem, a religious quote or a political one

ReligionWe have some neat religious themes featuring Angels or Gods of all the major religions of the world.

Retro  Retro rock or retro themes of days gone by. Feature vintage designs and graphic images of old designs or just give a modern design a retro look.

SkullsSkulls are popular design category created by designers.

SpaceGraphic images of space, constellations, stars, and planets all make cool designs for a tshirt. You can feature themes form the universe and galaxies or astronauts and the space shuttle too.

SurrealismSurrealismis a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for its visual artworks and writings. The aim was to "resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality." We try to bring it in our tees.

TattoosTattoos are not restricted to the body only. If your one of those people who have some apprehensions over getting a tattoo but love the designs, then what better way than to feature those crosses and skulls on your Tshirt.

TypographyArt using lettering and calligraphy is referred to as typography. You can feature letters and words or glyphs in a design.

VintageVintage designs that make a picture from a different era and priceless.