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6A IDC Industrial Development Area Sector 16 Gurugram, IN
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About us


Our brand name, THREADCURRY stems from our passion for superior-quality Thread from which our products are made, and our creative Curry of art designs.

 THREADCURRY is passionate about design and we have a mix to share. We are aware of the culture of today and the designs that are available throughout our e-commerce store reflect this. Our products are abstract, funny and customers love to wear. 

 THREADCURRY is for the next generation. It is eco-friendly and up-to-date, which is what our consumers demand. We work with artists around the world who create the designs that are featured on all of our products. We support, promote and celebrate the power of storytelling that stems from an artist’s creative design. It is also our hope to provide clothing that allow people to express who they are.

 Art is a great way to express one’s self and that is why we are in business. Many people love to wear our products because of what they say. We like to add to the curry and change up the designs from time to time. Artists have been empowered through all that we do and we have become a place for artists to share their work.

 At THREADCURRY, we are who we are because of our quality and our designs. We support and inspire artists globally and are passionate about helping the environment. Our customers can rely on us for quality products again and again. We are also an online community who listens to our customers. We have become a place where people cannot only shop, but to create.

 We want people to learn more about what we do. With new designs coming online all the time, our line of graphic products is growing. We have embraced the art world and are always looking at what the next big trend within graphic design is going to be. We’re culturally diverse and invite everyone to check us out.

 When you choose what to wear, we want you to be comfortable. We give you choices and we give you comfort. There’s no better dish to sink your teeth into that has your personality written all over it. You will find that we are always a good shopping choice because of our various artists and designs showcased throughout our store – and are always looking to add new designs.

 We’re much more than a clothing company. Our graphics speak truth and speak about the generation that is upon us. Artists are eager to show off and customers love to wear us. THREADCURRY…we’re the one-stop shop for graphic & creative products.